About Dolam Children's Home Trust

Rosa  Namises
Founder Rosa Namises


Dolam Children's Home Trust (DCHT) is a non-profit community based organization, registered as a welfare organization. DCHT was founded in 1999 by Rosa Namises, a human rights advocate for women and children’s rights. She began this endeavor with the support of the late Mrs. Jutta Rohwer by giving shelter to three vulnerable children in Katutura. DCHT became fully operational in 2000 expanding in 2003 when the Ministry of Health and Social Services and the Women and Child Protection unit began to refer children for shelter and temporary care. To date, DCHT has supported and ensured the education of fifty five children both living in the house and with the extended-families.

There are 21 children between the ages of 5 and 18, currently living at the home. All children are enrolled in formal education at Morison and Eros girl’s school respectively. Children remain in the home until age 18 years of age, or beyond, depending on their education status.
DCHT also provides temporary emergency shelter of children referred from the Women and Child Protection Units. Duration of stays vary from one to three weeks, or until cases are resolved by police and social workers.

Legal Status

  • DCHT is a registered welfare organization (WO148) with the Ministry of Health and Social Services in August 2001
  • It holds a health fitness certificate, annually renewed since 2003 by the City of Windhoek
  • Registered as Trust in April 2001
  • Registered with the Ministry of Gender Equality and child welfare in January 2009 after the introduction of the minimum standards.

Programs of Dolam house

  • Educational and recreational support with home work
  • Health and HIV awareness and treatment
  • Provides life skills awareness advice
  • Ensure that reproductive health including HIV and violence information is provided and treatment is made available
  • Provide regular meals and other basic needs, care and love in family environment
  • Employ staff and provide staff development in partnership with the MGECW